Thursday, March 11, 2010

The songs go on!

Somebody once said: if you can remember the 1960s, you weren’t there. This is maybe true, maybe not, but what difference does it make?

For me, Larry and Eddie we might have grown up dirt-poor in the ‘60s, but we still were able to get a small radio and we played it all night long literally. We listened to what they call “oldies but goodies” today, CC Revival, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix to name a few.

The last two superstars have been gone for over 40 years now and you can still hear CC Revival in the war movies. Hendrix and Joplin lived some hard lives and didn’t survive long, but their music goes on. A recent article quoted Ernie Isley:

“He was trying to put an apple in your mouth, roll you over a spit for five hours — turning up the heat ever so slowly — and slow cook your ass until you could feel what he was playing. That was the main thing about Jimi. He wanted you to feel him.”

I guess he knew Hendrix in the early ‘60s when Hendrix played with the Isley Brothers. I thought it was a funny, but appropriate quote. That guy really could play the guitar. My brother Eddie had all his records. It was the same way with Janis Joplin – she could belt out those tunes, knock down ‘southern comfort’, party and live life to the fullest. Back then, she was top-of-the-line.

As time went on, we evolved too, we bought a record-player,  later a 8 track, eventually graduated to the modern-day ipod, but I still have a turn-table to listen to old albums. You can get them for a song at garage sales, so to speak. Eddie collected them for years. We enjoyed music. When Larry died, in the funeral procession my grandchildren had some oldies playing on the radio. I said, “that’s alright, Larry liked music.”

Maybe the ‘60s were an aberration, but I remember the music. Can you hear Elvis singing in the background?

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