Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We are going through a cooling spell here and this is after going through a period of intense heat during July and some of August.  The economy is getting scary, the East Coast went through a huge storm, the South is also getting over a huge rain-fall and on the local front, my Grandson, Patkoshuk, is experiencing his11th birthday today.  We had a party for him last night in our yard.  I made sure it was all mowed, while my wife and girls fixed up a meal.  We had fried-bread, soup and of course ice cream and cake.  I was surpised by the large turnout.  I guess I better work on some more benches for the yard. He was happy and that is the most important thing. He is my partner and hopefully he will take care of me when I get older.

I was surprised by fried-bread being on the menu, since my girl had a stand at the Allied Tribes Pow-Wow over the weekend.  We helped out as much as we could.  Those stands are a lot of work.  She was raising money for a youth group called Gen X.  Juana, as I call her, is very much underappreciated in what she does for the kids, but that is to be expected in this area.  When I was young we had no resources like that, so any activities is good for kids.  Too bad all of our communities don't have more resources like her!