Monday, March 29, 2010

Further rantings on the roundball

It's a fact, Kansas University shockingly fell in the NCAA basketball tournament.  Why?  I don't know.  Maybe it was punishment for something they did in a previous life.  It was a time of remorse and licking the wounds, but  I became truly amazed on how many people jumped off the band-wagon and became KSU fans. Merle Green and Lance Wiskeno were the only ones publicly claiming to be Kansas State fans prior to that event.  But, of course, flip-floppers aren't new to the sports world.  They are like fence-riders in politics.

Unlike humble KU fans, KSU fans weren’t beyond rubbing it in.  Sometimes its hard to be a die-hard KU fan.  People hate it when KU wins year in, year out and KSU rises to the occasion once in a blue moon. One KSU fan told me “If you're an orphaned KU fan, maybe you could go for Baylor, our bandwagon is full!” I told him “Glad your bandwagon is full, and I decline the Baylor one. I might jump on my hero’s bandwagon – Butler, though.”

I said that because the bubble burst for K-State, shortly after this trash-talk started. They lost to Butler, bleedin purple everywhere.  It was a horrible sight! They were just inches away from the Final Four, so close yet so far. They almost put Manhattan on the basketball map. KSU was so close to love and redemption for being an also-ran, but wasn't meant to be.

There were stories circulating that the Governor had dispatched grief counselors to Manhattan Kansas, but I think that was only a vicious rumor. The details were sketchy, but we understand there was a lot of crying and carrying on in the little pear, so it could have been true.  Shortly after the loss, we asked for a moment of silence, and asked people to bow their heads.  In that momemt of reflection. we mourned those dead cats and what could have been. 

Oh, I didn't change my status as a true KU fan, but in the fairy tale world of bracketology, I got some change riding on that Indy horse!  He is known by the name Butler.

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