Saturday, March 27, 2010

If I were a carpenter.....or Hotel Potawatomi

I recently finished this three birdhouse set-up.  It is ready for the purple martins.  They dropped in last year so I decided to expand their pad.  There is a total of 34 apartments.  Right after me, Nyeh, Shane, Hooty and Felix set the 14 foot pole the rains hit so it was a good thing we didn't put it off and get lazy. 

I worked on the big birdhouse after KU lost and I figured this was my therapy to deal with the loss.  Also I always wanted to do some carpentry work and so far I made 2 benches, one for my yard and the other I gave to my daughter Martie.  Some cynical guy asked me when I had time to do this work.  I told him "I make time."  Sometimes I work till 9 or 10 doing these little projects.  It's fun for me and will give me something to do when I hit retirement.

But to explain the title of this entry:  Johnny Cash sang once "If I were a carpenter and you were a lady, would you marry me anyway."  Well she married me but I wasn't a carpenter but maybe in my old age I might get close.

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  1. My martins are due in Michigan in the next week or so. The first bunch always act like they know exactly who I am, just like an old friend.