Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Basketball thoughts!

It’s time for all the experts, and not so experts, to start putting together NCAA basketball brackets to win that elusive office pool especially for those who couldn’t win a world series pot. The final determination on who win will depend on where you’re from.

Here it’s a given that most people will put Kansas University as their heavy favorite. They were given the toughest bracket with Maryland, Georgetown, Tennessee, Oklahoma State and Ohio State laying in wait for them, but to be the best you have to play the best sooner or later, so bring them on. It was a fun season watching the Jayhawks play all year, and it became a ritual for us to watch them on our television. I like their chemistry and would be damn surprised it they lost out. Oh, wait a second – let me bite my tongue for even thinking like that.

Maybe in Lexington they are figuring on winning the whole shooting match, but I look for West Virginia to upset them and go to the Final Four and then John Wall can go on his merry way to the NBA. Why did I pick West Virginia – it’s a gut feeling with Bob Huggins coaching there. He knew what he was doing when he took that midnight train out of Manhattan, Kansas a few years back, plus Kentucky didn’t play anybody this year anyway. Overrated!

That leaves Syracuse and Duke as the other #1 seeds. Syracuse is struggling and I look for them to fall against Pittsburgh like they did earlier in the year. Duke was handed the easiest bracket and Texas A&M and Baylor will work them over in the South Regional,but they will survive. They have to in order for the t.v. ratings to go up for the NCAA, which means more money for them.  That's business though!

In my estimation, which is not worth much in today’s peso, I have Kansas and Duke playing for the national championship.  KU will give Bill Self his second championship ring and win by 12 points, if not more. Oh, I was going to invite my friends over that day to watch the big game on my big screen t.v. but I forgot I didn’t have any friends and most of all I didn’t have a big screen t.v. Oh, well you can’t win them all.

After that, it will be transition time for us here and it will go down-hill because the Kansas City Royals will start their baseball season.

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  1. I’m really excited about the 2010 NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament. I try to enter as many free March Madness contests online at various sites as possible. When I fill out the brackets, it’s rare for me to have two that are the same. However, if I could only fill out one bracket, I’d have Kansas, Syracuse, West Virginia, and Baylor in the Final Four. I’d put Syracuse and West Virginia in the championship game, with Syracuse winning. It should be an interesting tournament though.