Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Garden time on rez

Well we have survived over 42” of snow this winter. The ground is pretty saturated and Spring rains are causing the creeks to get high. All of this translates to a late garden planting time. I’ve had a garden now for close  to 32 years. Oh,  I didn’t start to garden because Michelle Obama suggested it yesterday.

Sometimes I had good crops and sometimes I didn’t ,but it’s something I enjoy doing and I reckon I will continue till I can’t anymore. It is really something to get a garden ready, have your grandchildren help you plant it and watch it grow. I tell my grandchildren “if you help, you can help eat it.” That is the biggest reward to get help from them and oh, did I forget to say also to eat the result.

Potatoes (did I spell that right Dan?) are usually in the ground by now but wet ground has prevented this from happening. It will get done though. For the longest time I didn’t grow any potatoes in my garden because my mother-in-law said it was cheaper and easier to buy tators in the store, so i didn’t plant. A few years back I put in a couple of rows and now I plant more each year. I think potatoes out of the garden are hard to beat.

I must have learned something along the way because I cleaned up my garden good last Fall, brought in some more compost and tilled it up so the garden is ready for planting. It must be a Republican bone in me to help myself , but a Democrat bone says it easier to have somebody do the work for me. Sorry for the political injection.

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