Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Update!

I've been on the path to recovery, so I haven't posted anything as of late.  Before this operation, I was having nightmares or maybe I was being delusional or maybe it was something demented in the recesses of my mind, but I had this recurring thing of rejoining my brother Larry.  I would wake up from one of these episodes and thought damn, I havent' reached that rejoining stage just yet.  I miss my brother a bunch, but I thought I had adjusted.  After he died, I had nightmares and in time some of the pain left, but evidently, some of that stuff still lingers -maybe it's all deeply ingrained in the psyche and comes roaring back at times, kinda like the weather we had at the end of March.  I always said I hope the Indians on the other side play some golf, then I can get back on the course with him again. 

But getting back to the issue at hand, I had this operation on Thursday of last week.  Normally, this removing a gallbladder takes about an hour and another hour or so in recovery then they cart you out the door to be on your merry way.  It didn't quite go that easy.  They had some problems and tore a cystic duct and it took 2 hours and 15 minutes to get it right.  When I came out of that operating room, I don't recall experiencing such pain and they nurse said I was "combative" and it took a while for the morphine and pain pills to kick in, in fact, I had to stay a night in the hospital to get me right.  Being naive, I told my wife when I get this procedure done, we would burn it to the casino afterwards, but that notion didn't pan out. The pain lingered for days afterwards so don't let anybody tell you these procedures or operations are simple because you never know what will happen when you go under.  I've had some operations before and I always hated the idea of being totally out and depending on somebody else to get it right. 

When I came home, I stayed home.  I sat in my favorite chair and toughed it out.  I said the pain can't last forever and it didn't.  There oughta be easier ways to get a day off from work. Each day, I get stronger and I appreciate my family for giving a damn about me during this time, after all this is the definition of family, help each other when you can.  I know one thing for sure, it better be a convincing argument to have another operation cause I ain't going to do it unless it's absolutely necessary to the point where I have to crawl into that hospital and say help me.  

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