Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jayhawks, lawyers and politicians!

The dismantling of the Jayhawks has begun. The Morris twins are forgoing their senior years for the big bucks of the NBA, where they will drive the big cars, wear fine jewelry, have a wad of big bills that allow them to have a woman on each arm, another in the apartment and several more on speed-dial, but that ain’t nothing because they already had all that in Lawrence, so it must be the prospect of playing the LaBron James of the world that lured them away. I guess Selby is close behind, but he never really did anything at KU to be a lottery pick and second round draft choices don’t command anything, so good luck Josh in Europe.

Over in the “real world,” they sentenced several people in the Jayhawk ticket fiasco to well over 46 months in prison and they have to repay millions back to KU, but a lawyer in Topeka got drunk and killed some innocent guy walking down the road and he only got 42 months in a plea agreement. Who would know the legal system and how to manipulate it better than a four-time DUI convicted lawyer? This is Jayhawk Country! You can get more jail-time for selling tickets to your buddies than lawyers get for killing people. Of course, those ticket people didn’t know how to push the right button, but they will learn how it is in the local prison system.

But in the real, real world out East (D.C.politics), they are having a real pissing contest. One day they are shutting down the federal government, the next they fight over the debt ceiling and tomorrow they will fight over some dog fight in Atlanta. The reason for the fight is somebody is trying to gain some traction for the next presidential race and if they can make the other side look bad enough they just might win. Again, the Democrats hate the Republicans, the Republicans hate the Democrats and the devil hates us all.

I know these are some serious issues that I laid on your plate today, but maybe I’m still recovering from my operation or maybe its cause my riding mower is in the shop and I have to get out and push the mower tonight, which drives me to dark writing, but isn’t it fun living in the U.S. of A.?

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