Friday, April 29, 2011

Oil prices, oil companies and tornadoes!

While the average person is paying a big chunk of take-home pay for gas, the big companies like Exxon Mobile are raking in a first quarter profit of $10.7 billion (yes that is billion not million). Big business has the consumer bent so far over that oil barrel that it’s best just to whimper and take it. It doesn’t seem worthwhile to complain to the local congressman or the President. The first bunch have their heads buried so deep in the sand fighting inner demons.  And the Prez is mired in some more sand trying to prove his citizenship to “carnival barkers,” so it’s pointless to say anything to them and when was the last time they did anything worthwhile? This mass rape will continue until the big executives get enough to live on, but that day of satisfaction may never come, so pay at the pumps and take it, but it is all a crying shame for what is happening to the American people.

And there are still some companies who let you pump the gas first and then pay for it, but that will soon end because of so many drive-offs.  Here at our local station, we've had to pay first for a long time, so we must be a progressive lot. Also you better get some surveillance gear because people are getting brave and stealing gas by siphoning it out of their neighbors cars and trucks.  If nothing else get a locking gas cap.  It used to be copper, now its gas thievery by the big companies or your neighbors.

But yet while the economy is in shambles and congress in a tizzy over spending money, the disaster of 174 tornadoes touching down in the Deep South, killing over 280 people, has occurred. That will be a big price-tag for the federal government, who have little choice but to fund it because they can’t turn its back on its own people. It seem like Mother Nature is telling us to rebuild our homelands and maybe be an isolationist for a little while anyway. That notion says rebuild our infrastructure, and in the process why not create some decent paying jobs.  We shouldn't have some local congress-person jumping up and down because McDonalds had a job fair, because those people slinging those hamburgers don't get the same pay as that congress-person. Also, maybe we should stop sending so much foreign aid for their disasters and save some for the home front.

 This also brings to light that natural disasters have happened regularly going back to Katrina to the oil spill and a whole bunch of other disasters that it seems better to factor in these cost for the yearly budget. Because it sure don’t seem like they are going to end anytime soon. If there was one consolation in the South, one huge tornado missed Alabama’s football stadium by only a half-mile, so I guess ol Bear Bryant was doing some intervention work to save it, but it's too bad we don't have more help in that area.

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