Friday, February 11, 2011

The weather, the MIddle East and prison life!

Somebody just told me we have only 31 more days until spring, so I guess that little fat rat in Pennsylvania might be telling the truth especially since it will get to 62 degrees next Wednesday and 66 on the following day. I don’t reckon the snow will melt enough to make my 2011 golf debut, plus our course won’t be open yet.

Any bets that we will send troops to the Egypt soon? I took a history class at the local U about the Middle East and I never did grasp what they were always fighting about over there. I suppose politics is the same everywhere, somebody has got to be knocked off to give the next one a chance to get it right. But what happens if it never gets right?

My grandson Pat ko shuk was sick last night so I stayed home and watched him. I hate it when the kids are sick, I would much prefer it be me instead of them. Well, anyway the rest of the gang went and watched a presentation at Royal Valley. This guy who gave the presentation had a fairly rough life. He was an ex-marine, ex-dope dealer and an ex-con who now goes around to different school systems and tells the young people about making the right choices in life or they could end up like him. He didn’t hold any punches back and told how prison life was –gang rapes, constant fighting and a terrible life in general. My brothers and I were bad boys in our day, but I say we were lucky we didn’t have to serve time. Sometimes I get really angry over the circumstances of my life but being in jail wasn’t one of them and I’m thankful for that. I hope and pray our young people don’t have to go through what this man experienced in his life. It’s too bad our reservation programs don’t get speakers like this guy to talk to our youth. I think it is so true that if a presentation like this can save one person then they got it right! I personally don’t think we have to preach to people, but give them alternatives and let them make their own choices.

Now I’m going to sit back and wait for KU to play again and to watch the snow melt!

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