Monday, February 7, 2011

Old men, weather and KU (again).

KU is back on track to win the national championship.  They look awful tough in the last few outings and will be a handful for anybody in the future.  They are playing without Josh Selby and if they are doing that great without him, did they really need him or will they only get better with him?  Only time will let us know that.  Snow is also right around the corner, but heck what can you expect -its winter time. 

If I can make it a few more hours, I will have turned 60 years old. I will take the day off and sit around and wonder how many more of these birthdays I have left. I’ve seen my share of good and bad times. I’ve known some great people and also have met some who weren’t worth a damn. But it all makes for an interesting life. I don’t suppose I would change anything, of course, I don’t have that option anyway. I suppose everything happened for a reason and was an opportunity to learn a lesson from it.

My mail comes around one or two and I will be like Forrest Gump and sit by my mailbox waiting. In his case, he waited for his son to return on the bus, but for me I will wait all those gifts and cards from my family and the few friends I have left.

Jokes aside, I don’t need any material goods. Hell I’ve been working on spring cleaning for years now so I don’t need more. I do appreciate everything people have done for me this past year and just want everyone to have a great 2011. I hope your pockets fill with gambling winnings in this new year either through per caps, robbin banks or hitting those 777's. May you always have food on your table! May you find happiness in some form or another. I can't go beyond those three wishes for you -money, food and happiness is about the top three choices for most people. Oh, yeah, may the person responsible for us being here smile upon your lives in 2011 and forever.

Now I’m inching closer and closer to the day I will retire, but I don’t really want to break my current routine and I haven’t seen everything or every place in this great land so I need to stay  a little longer. But when that day comes, I want to go and play on the cheapest courses and hit balls I find along the way. Maybe I will sneak onto our course and hit a few holes before it gets dark. Can you imagine that, an old guy sneaking into such a great course?  Don't tell the leadership I'm thinking of doing that. Other days, I will sit on my back porch and watch the sun go down and give thanks that I lived that long, plus I want to watch my grandchildren grow up. Hopefully they won't have to go into tribal politics.

I am going to close for now and go wait by the mailbox (even if it is cold).

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