Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Time on the Potawatomi Reservation!

We’ve been freezing our popsicles off here in Kansas, but the great blizzard of 2011 decided to skirt our reservation and we sure appreciated that move. We still got 8” of snow or better and over 20” so far this winter. This pales in comparison to the two foot of snow further north and east. For most of us, we still remember the storm of 2007 when we went days without electricity and it got down-right uncomfortable, so we can only be thankful.

Our Jayhawks are smoking with a 21-1 record and they are a joy to watch. They are playing more like a team every game and the chemistry is clicking. KU will be ready for the last six games of the year and they might not win it all but I believe they will be in the hunt. I like this team. They have the big men, top notch shooters and can run up and down the court like few can. Oh, and they can pass.

The kids are enjoying the days off but will be mad later when they have to make up the days. My grandson said “we don’t have school tomorrow so it’s time to party.” He’s a crazy talker at times. The other day we were driving down the road and I messed up his channel and he told me he was going to put me in a rest-home. Damn, see what I got to look forward to!

In the winter time, I have more time to do my projects. I built my sister a birdhouse and she said she now had a place for the neighborhood birds. I told her no this birdhouse is for the Purple Martins, not village birds. I also built a life-guard chair for my yard. I have no beach or pool but I saw one in Florida and took a picture of it and built it from that shot. I’m going to sit in that chair next summer when I’m taking a break from my yard and garden work. I go to my workshop and fire my stove up, crank up the Ipod to full blast and work. I take many breaks and think how I’m going to build something and enjoy the general solitude. I don’t have much time in the summer to do projects.

Oh, getting back to the snow – next year I’m going to get me one of those snow-blowers. I was watching this guy at work clearing the side-walks and it sure looked more efficient than the back-breaking work of using a shovel, plus it might save a heart-breaker. Stay safe out there!

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