Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So what's new on the Kansas prairie?

In the local capital, the politicos are debating restrictions on strip-clubs, similar to what Missouri did last year. I guess those working mamas are a true danger to society. In righteous terms, legislators can do that and anything else they want, but there also has to be a budget balanced and at this very moment over $340 million needs to be cut. Doesn’t’ that make you wonder about political focus? On Saturday afternoon, over on the west side of Topeka, at a kiddie place called Chuckie Cheeses there was a near riot. The parents of these little kids attending a birthday party decided to swing it out. Damn, the legislators oughta put some restrictions on those food establishments too, and put into law that parents must stay six foot from each other and can’t touch each other. I used to think those kind of fisticuffs only happened at Little League games, but it's always best to stay tuned.

On the Topeka city level, these city workers were caught selling copper that just happened to belong to the city and they were slapped on the wrist.  Maybe it was because they only made $400 on the deal.  In the rest of the world people lose their jobs over a missing box of cough drops or something far less than  the $400 figure.

On the tube the other day, the United States Congress was holding court and speaker after speaker got up there to denounce the Obama health care plan as the worst legislation ever in the history of this country. After all this pontification, this black woman made it to the podium and tied into her esteemed colleagues and said slavery was the worst thing that ever happened to this country. I personally don't know what is worse -Obama and his dreams or slavery, but I would have given a couple of bucks to see the looks on the faces of her fellow politicians.

And in Wisconsin they want public workers to give a bunch of concessions so they can balance their budget and the people are in an up-roar. On the news, this guy said politicians over the years didn't want to say no and gave all kind of concessions to the unions and now its a mess. It is a closely watched event by the rest of the country because what happens in Wisconsin will happen everywhere.

The funny thing is these congressmen make $175,000 a year, get subsidized housing, get wined and dined by lobbyists, have a cushy health plan and you don’t want to hear about their retirement plans. They sure won’t make any concessions with their own packages on the state or federal levels. "Do as I say, not as I do."

It seems to me, as a political agenda that it would be safer to attack the Mexicans than the people who vote them into office, but what do I know?  Oh, that's right Kansas is atttacking the Mexicans too, not just the strippers. And one more local tidbit:  Kansas is trying to expand its hard liquor sales to grocery stores.  Uh, we don't want anybody smoking within 100 yards of anybody else, but we will sell you some Jack Daniels on every  street corner.  Huh? The political winds in the Middle East (and fully expect the gas at the pump to go sky-high) and America are a swirling these days.

And in closing, there was this teacher who had a blog and she wrote about how worthless some of her students were and she mentioned how the parents made them that way, etc. etc. Well, the parents read this and they got all indignant and now the woman is on the firing line, literally, for probably telling the truth. She, along with that black woman on Capital hill will probably pay dearly for talking up. The point is some freedoms in this country are slowly eroding away like a hillside in California after a good rain.

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