Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vacation time over!

My time off work did come to an end.  It was unusual to have some free time and have no schedule in front of me to lead me through the day.  But, you know what?  I managed and wonder why I didn't do this more than once in a blue moon.  One time a guy wrote me and said to get retired and see the world away from the reservation.  I thought his comment was kinda funny, but maybe I will take his advice sometimes.

In New Mexico, the site of my short get-away, the weatherman on the radio said "I pity those poor idiots who took my advice yesterday and went outdoors."  Well, I was one of those guys.  I played a round of golf at Isleta Golf Course, an Indian owned business, and the day started out great but steadily went down hill, kinda like my game, and the weather turned bitter cold to where it hurt the hands to hit a golf ball.  I enjoyed getting out there.  I have to get out more, since we have our own course now, and I can't look too awfully bad all the time.

The big city is something though.  A cop was passed out on Highway 25 in his squad car one night.  He was arrested for DUI.  I read somewhere these guys are suppose to serve and protect.  Other news there was a candidate for governor who carried a hand-gun in one of her campaign stops.  Granted she has a license to carry the weapon but it must be bad to have to carry a gun in the New Mexico political arena. Damn can you imagine how it would be in the first political disagreement?  The Wild, Wild West!

Speaking of the political arena, Meg Whitman another candidate for governor, but in California, has spent $141 million of her own money and the polls are saying she is way behind the old guard Jerry Brown. Does that make sense to spend that kind of money for a job that probably pays $150,000 a year?  It goes back to power and all of its ambiance.

And in sports, one comedian said  a  OSU wide receiver was caught driving 92 mph while drunk.  Sounds like the guy is ready to head to the next level.  Crazy huh?  Some of these guys are so good they can get away with about anything. 

The big city traffic is hectic, the lifestyle is a bit different than home, the down-town area looks fairly dangerous and you can't find a wal mart anywhere. Of course, travel is a big change to normal life so it really isn't anything to cry about.

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