Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Notes from somewhere in New Mexico

I flew to Albuquerque New Mexico on the first day of my vacation. It was pretty darn cold and windy and the ride in on the big bird was rocky. I wanted to tag along with my wife. She is attending a conference and I will do absolutely nothing, although I thought about hitting the golf course and brought my golf clubs. Southwest Airlines is the last airline in existence that allows two free bags, so I brought them along. I much prefer to mess up with my own clubs rather than rented ones. Some people buy clubs every year. I don't. I've had mine for ten to twelve years. There's nothing wrong with them, I just got to learn how to hit them right. I also want to see if my luck at the casino is any better here than it is in Kansas, but I sure doubt that.

Normally I will take a day off or two at a time and do some work around the house, so this is the first "vacation" I've taken in a spell But first I have to adjust to the time change, because I got up at 3:15 am on my first day here,when its 4:15 back home. As I get older I notice I get up earlier. One morning I got up at 2:15 and any way you cut it, that is way too early.

I want to play the tourist role and maybe go here and there and take pictures. I brought my tourist outfit, you know the golf shirt, golf pants along with a hat and camera, so I should stand out, but I really need to get a bright, bright shirt to stand out more. When I go somewhere alone, I rarely go see any sights, usually stay at the hotel and the area close by. Fun guy, huh? This hotel is six miles from the nearest casino and that is good. Usually the temptatation of those little devil machines is too close to my room and they whisper to me to throw all my money into them. Isn't it hell to be human sometimes? If I don't win on this trip, I will give it up for a good long while, but haven't we heard that song before?

Also I've seen a lot of Indians around here, must be a reservation nearby!

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