Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday morning thoughts!

Damn what is going on?  The chiefs of Kansas City fame have won four games already! Missouri beat OU in football.  KU and KSU lost again! The Rangers are in the World Series and I'm on vacation this week. 

But a fast story:  This guy I worked with said one time his church has a bunch of their congregation going on a trip and posted this fact in the church paper and when they got back somebody had broke into all of their  homes.  About now, you are wondering what the moral of the story is:  most importantly, don't tell anybody your out of the neighborhood.  But I have somebody staying at my house and the tribal police go by once in a blue moon so everything will be safe on the home-front.

I rarely take any time off.  I thought why the hell not, so I did.  The weekend was horrible since I was sick the whole time.  The flu is making its rounds here and I'm not exempt.  I'm better today.  My grandson Pat ko shuk went on a 5 mile hike with a group of Potawatomis yesterday.  He came back in a pretty good mood so it must not have been as hard for him as I thought. It sure beats seeing him sit in front of that tv all day.  His Uncle Eddie took care of him, I hear.

In the local news, three young people offed a guy near Topeka West High School over the weekend.  Big city news but these three young people will have plenty of time to think about this incident in jail for a good number of years.  The answer is pull the trigger first these days.  It isn't, but it seems that way.

Oh, if you need your lawn mowed, let me know.  Oh, that's right the mowing season is officially over. 

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