Thursday, October 21, 2010

Police brutality, baseball and politics!

I opened up the paper today and saw where the Topeka Police Chief was handing out some award to the cop who got drunk last year and shot these two Mexican guys in Topeka. Off-duty work, I guess. Damn I thought is this Topeka’s answer to the immigration problem: shoot um up, and hell with deporting them. Plus, later give the the deserving soul an award. Hopefully that isn’t the way it is and the guy was reformed from a year ago and did some great things for his community. I was afraid to write this cause my skin is more dark than light and today it’s all about repercussions. Too late, it’s already written.

The World Series is looming. It looks like it might be the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants in the series. I get into world series pots and hope to win at least one, but last year I didn’t. I guess that Josh Hamilton of the Rangers is a big dog and can hit the ball a country mile. I hope later that he isn’t on some growth hormones or steroids like the bonds guy. It’s been awhile since either team has made it this far. In the case of Frisco, in fact, the last time was when bonds was google-eyed on steroids. The good thing is we will be able to see Willie Mays in the stands again. A bit older now, but still a draw! Baseball is a tainted game because of the steroids but it may come back in time.

And there is only two weeks left for us to endure all those political ads on t.v. I will be glad when it’s over. Hell, the Republicans hate the Democrats. The Democrats hate the Republicans and the Devil hates us all.

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