Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Evening News

I woke up and read in the paper that Tiger only won $151,000 in the Barclay tournament and he probably looked at it and thought "chump change," but life does go on.  And Fidel in that little country south of the Florida Keys said in an interview that "he was on deaths door, but he came back."  Bet those guys in D.C. didn't like hearing that.  Locally, the blonde on the morning weather said we are going to get rain this week which won't hurt my feelings none. 

After a day at the sweat-shop, we went into the city to run some errands.  Imagine running errands on my own time!  Well anyway I was driving down the street and had to stop at a red light and there was this van with two bumper stickers one it.  One said "I slept like a Democrat last night, lied on one side and then lied on the other."  I reckon that tells you Kansas is a Republican State but in case you had doubts the other sticker said "Work hard, there are millions on welfare."  It's been awhile since I seen some good stickers.

We stopped at the grocery store and I left off my wife at the front door like a good guy would and I went to park. I walked back to the store and I seen these two good looking girls go by and pretty soon they stopped and kissed each other on the lips. I thought "I don't quite know what's happening here," and being the country boy that I am, I thought maybe it was a momma letting her kid off for work. But also being the observant guy that I am, I also noticed they were kissing for quite a long time, so I figured "geez this must be the changing times I heard about" or maybe it was the song "the times are achangin."

I guess it beat staying home and smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo.  Isn't city-life something?

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