Monday, August 2, 2010

Old Pictures Again!

Tribal member Sharie Landis gave me this copy of a pow-wow scene from the 1960s.  In the war bonnet is Frank Nioce.  I seen this picture a couple of years ago at one of our General Council meetings.  It was the usual attack, counter-attack day, but in the middle of all this fire, I asked these girls if I could get a copy of this picture they were lookin at and they gave me a copy the other day and I'm thankful they shared with me. It always makes you wonder what happened to such beautiful beadwork and a bonnet such as this.  I didn't get all the name of the people in this picture but when I do I will add them to this blog entry.
 Back in those days, color shots were kinda rare so I'm lucky to add this picture to my collection.  Frank lived a long life and was a tribal council member.  He lived in Hoyt, Kansas.

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