Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scientific way of voting in Indian Elections

When I was much younger I attended the local U - Washburn University and got a degree in political science and lacked six hours of getting a history degree too, but that was a coon's age ago and is, as they say, academic.  We learned all the theory and read about how the political machine works in this country or how it's suppose to work.  It was a good learning experience.  Sometimes I did feel out of place being the only Indian in shouting distance, but after awhile nobody paid attention to me. Books don't prepare you for the real aspects of political life but it helped.  I think I should have minored in psychology because you run into some real odd balls in life and that could have helped in explaining human behavior.  So now I try and compensate and watch CSI and Criminal Minds to help me understand a tad bit better.  I also read all the time to help me understand a little more about the world we live in, but this isn't why I put all this in here. I want to explain one method of voting on an Indian reservation to you.  This isn't something I learned in books or on t.v. or the Topeka Capital Journal, I simply made it up.

Today it's election time here on the rez again. There is a run-off. Some where along the line our tribe decided to use primaries.  I guess it was done to nullify those with big families, but they still get in there. In this particular election, I know both candidates well, so I'm going to use the scientific method of deciding Indian elections. Heads I vote for Jimmy, tails I vote for Sogi. Here goes the coin toss.........and the winner is..................

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