Monday, September 6, 2010

The Night the Wheat Stood Still in Kansas

The KU football team got a good old beating from North Dakota State or Montana Tech 6-3 the other night.  Please don't be mistaken it wasn't Michigan State,so its promises to be a bleak year for KU fans again.  It's bad enough that we have suffered nightmares from KU's early exit in the NCAA baskeball tournament a few months back and now this.  Where are you Nolan Cromwell when we need you?

KU hired a new coach, a better players coach than the last guy, Mangino.  He promised to try and win every game and not cuss anybody, but the operative word is "try." Mangino is living on some golf course retreat in Florida and saying "and they thought they'd do better without me. They also thought I was a bit rough around the edges, but I could deliver a win once in awhile and I'd be damned if we lost to some little school by the Canadian border."  Of course that's all speculation but I imagine he is laughing as he is learning the game of golf.   Mangino does have the time since KU paid him a bunch of money to leave town on the midnight express.

It may be that KU will be lucky to win one game this year and will probably lose to those farmers out at KSU and we will never hear the end of that, I assure you.  We have low expecations,kind of like when people take political office,but damn why can't we win against the lower division schools?  We know KU can't compete with schools like Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama and Texas in recruiting, but at least we should be able to grab a couple of players from Southern Cal, who will serve some probation time for paying Reggie Bush a pile of money while he was winning the Heisman Trophy.  Oh, hell they all do that, don't they?

In Ancient Greece or was it Athens, when somebody was caught stealing they cut off both hands.  It wasn't because they were stealing it was because they were caught.  That's the way it should be in college football or maybe in life.

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