Saturday, September 11, 2010

KU rises from the dust!

Is it too late to get back on that KU bandwagon?  Please forgive me for giving up on them when they lost to Abilene Tech last week.  I don't know what got into me.  It could have been the weather or maybe some force from outer space made me think like that.  Maybe it was the pills I took for my hurt foot!  I don't know, but they have made my football forecasting abilities look bad to the educated and uneducated world of sports watchers. 

Today, KU beat the #15 ranked Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 28-25 at Memorial Stadium.  They put in a new quarterback and went back to the old offense that made them famous in the past and played like they were suppose to.  The last time KU beat a ranked team at home was in the early 1980s when they beat OU.  I was going to that game but decided to listen to one our general council meetings and I kicked myself for weeks after for missing that upset.

Who do I have to petition to get back on the band-wagon? It sure ain't Lew Perkins, he left on the same midnight express Mangino took, and he had a suitcase filled to the brim  with $2 million in severance pay (for you math people out there, that is $ 5,400 a day or so for doing absolutely nothing for the next year).  I guess the only thing to do is apologize to my readers for making a mistake so there it is - I'm officially back on the KU bandwagon!

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