Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down

The holiday is winding down and I got some more work done around the house, I even walked my dog Koda a few times in the park.  If you ever come to our reservation, you won't hurt my feelings if you don't stop and visit me, but make a point to go see our park.  It just gets better every year.  If only they would put up a park bench or two for the older walkers to rest their old bones, it would be better yet.

In sports, KU lost big-time to Mizzou yesterday and ends a poor season with little promise for next year or at least that's what I saw watching that game.  Holton lost in the 4-A State Championships but they had a great season.  Silver Lake won the 3-A State Championship. Those are two local teams in this area.  I also watched the OU-OSU game last night and those big backs could put the fear in people.  They looked impressive. I thought boy that would be hell to try and bring one of those big OSU backs down after they got a full head of steam going.

Oh, when I was talking about KU, I meant the football team.  The basketball team is 6-0 and just won a tournament out in Sin City against Arizona 87-79.  They are going to be a rock solid team.  I'm afraid they won't win the national championship, but will make this another interesting 30-win season.  When the twins were sitting on the bench, the rest of the team stepped up to the plate and maintained.  They are deep on the bench and this will help in future games.  Jay Bilas of ESPN said they will the best team in the Big 12, but I say they have to work for it and they will. I just hope Selby doesn't upset the chemistry when he starts playing December 18. 

Oh, whatever happened to last year's superstars:  Collins is buried deep on the bench in Charlotte and Aldrich just got sent to the developmental league (oh, lets call a spade a spade, he was sent to the minors).   Maybe they weren't as good as we thought, huh?

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