Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday morning, golf and pow-wows!

Steve McDonald,one of our tribal members who can play the game of golf better than 99.5 % of the people in this tribe has won another tournament.  This time in San Jacinto, California.  He won the National Native American Senior Open Championships with a 213, 3 under.  Steve has now won more than 35 sanctioned PGA sectional tournaments and eight FNGA professional championships.  Steve has done well and works as the golf pro at Lake Shawnee.  He's always been encouraging to me by doing so well.  He is an asset to our tribe. In racist circles, they would say he is a credit to his race!

The We te se pow-wow went well.  We, as a rule, go sit in a corner and watch from afar.  They had several specials that didn't take as long as usual and people got to dance to their hearts content.  They honored a couple of veterans who are gone now:  Joe Hale and Teno Masquat.  I knew both of them and they were good people.  It is good for the families to see people still care and remember their relatives.  Also my sister was head lady dancer and I helped by getting in the way.  She handed out gifts to the older women there and that too is good. She didn't have a honor song, so I didn't have to do my shuffle out there in public, which is good.  My grandson Pat kos shuk said: "im rich because i got money from wa-ta-sa pow-wow and feeding my dog $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"

We have a short work week this week with the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching.  It's turkey time.  In the Potawatomi way of life, we've already had our fall ceromonies and that is our thankgiving when we thank our Creator for giving us life, health and for what we received in our gardens.  But a true Indian will also not pass up on a good meal, hence the bird has to go.

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