Monday, November 15, 2010

Early Monday morning, politics and basketball!

It’s Monday and I can’t but help notice that the Republicans haven’t solved the fiscal crisis yet, plus Obama didn’t solve anything by going overseas for ten days. I rarely watch Saturday Night Live but I did over the weekend and they carried on about how much America owes China. This guy was playing the Chinese leader and he kept asking Obama if he brought a check to pay off the debt and the Obama impersonator kept stuttering and said it will happen soon. Then the Chinese guy start getting graphic and said America was going to put it to them. It was a funny skit, but I suppose politicians will find the answer at some point in time.

Since I did my Fall clean-up around my place this long week-end I’ve decided I will watch the tube again tonight. Of course, we have little choice since it gets dark about 5:00 pm. KU plays Valparaiso at 7 o’clock, so that will occupy my evening. I hate to get too up-beat on KU basketball again. They look good so far. You never know until they start facing better competition. They have the speed and talent to hang in there with most folks and will only get better when Josh Selby takes the court, although sometimes too much star power can hurt the chemistry of a team. Let do a recap and look at last year! Collin's thought he had to carry the team at all times. The truth of the matter was that he didn't have to and that hurt in the big games. I think KU has to use all their weapons and not rely on one person and this will only make them better when the big dance gets here.

Some of those weapons are Tyshawn Taylor, the Morris twins, Tyrel Reed and Travis Releford who I predict will have a solid year. Some of the bench could start anywhere else especially Jeff Withey a 7”0 center. Taylor can push them up and down the court and while there will be turnovers the overall game will be much better than last year.

It is a wait and see thing for us. Yet, as a general rule KU will win most of its games this year, but I think the disappointments of the past have tempered our expectations somewhat – kinda like politics!

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