Friday, July 6, 2012

The weather, religion, politics, elections and gatherings!

Here is another picture of my great-granddaughter Shuggie.  She was sick for awhile there but as you can see, she is much better and that makes me feel better. The weather is blazing and the humidity  can take your breath away.  In fact, I went to Topeka with my daughter and she drove her truck.  We had intentions of picking up some lumber that I needed for a project of mine, but the heat was so oppressive that we just ate and came on home.  It was 103 degrees. She had no a/c in her truck so I learned humility too.  Heck even with the windows down and going down the highway at a 70 mph clip, it was still blazing hot.  In the near future there is hope.  The weather people say we will get a break in the weather about Sunday.  I won't complain.  We had a couple of days of rain in this spell and boy I was like a little kid, I had to sit outside and watch it come down.
In the last few weeks we've concluded our various services:  namings, adoption and our Summer Dance.  My grandson Hooty will have surgery toward the end of the month.  He will be alright after that.  Now we have a quarterly General Council coming up soon that will also be hotter than a pistola, it always is, sometimes it's best to figure on it, take it and move on.  It makes you wonder how some politicians are so sensitive after listening to these sessions all day, but of course it's a quarterly thing and many things said are forgotten the next moment. Oh, and there is an election, with bright futures promised by all the candidates, in three weeks. It will be worth watching from the sidelines. After that it will be brotherly and sisterly love at the Potawatomi Gathering.  We are going, hopefully the weather will be good there.

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