Monday, July 16, 2012

It's a Heat Wave!

We are in a humdinger of a heat wave.  It almost prevents any outside work, maybe early and late in the day but not in between.  I still say we are being punished for non-Indians making fun of Indians doing a dance to make it rain.  We all have to suffer now.
My wife had her birthday on Sunday.  My girl had a great meal for her.  Her day was one spent in pain because she had slipped on the steps and fell.  We are both so careful, but accidents happen and she was in pain all day and that’s not the way to spend a birthday.  Voncile enjoyed the meal though and to see her kids, grandchildren and Shuggie come to our house to celebrate.  I said that she was traditional before it became fashionable and that is true.  I probably would not have gone to our tribal ceremonies but because of her dedication, I tagged along and pretty soon I became almost as dedicated as her.  My role is diminishing every year, but I will still go and sit in the corner by her.  I was beaten so many times in boarding school that I didn’t think I would ever go back to any church. 

We will have two action packed weeks here.  On Saturday it’s “General Council Time” and that is always an adventure, but we keep democracy by scrutiny.  A friend of mine said once that these political beatings only last eight hours and it’s over.  Our meeting usually only goes five hours so anybody can take it that long, I think. And the week after, it’s election time.  Many said they want change.  Somebody said there’s no tyranny like petty tyranny, so elections are mean’t to correct that problem. That’s another aspect of politics –people get tired of looking at somebody and then it’s time for them to hit the pavement running – running as fast as they can back to where they came from. Sometimes people aren’t legends among mere mortals, like they think. 

It’s getting late in this political process and I haven't voted yet. I need to find the local holy men to smoke off my ballot so I won't vote in evil! Or maybe I should just give up and say the hell with it, after all one vote don’t mean anything, does it? Nonetheless,It will be an interesting two weeks if we survive the heat.

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