Monday, March 21, 2011

The here and now!

If you haven’t heard by now, our Jayhawks have kicked the first round jinx out the door and have overcome some jitters in winning their first two games of the NCAA basketball tournament. I sat in my chair getting pretty animated, said a few choice words at times and analyzed the action so I can report it here. The Hawks are finding ways to win, and the old formula of pounding the ball inside to the Morris twins seems to work best and on occasion Taylor attacks the basketball and even if he misses, the twins will slam home a miss. The newspapers are projecting the twins to be lottery picks in the next NBA draft and if they leave it will leave cupboard bare for next year, but we will worry about that on a later date.

The three-point shots of Morningstar and Reed have cooled as of late, but they will hit when it counts. I like what I’ve seen so far. A 34-2 record isn’t shabby in anybody’s book. On a side-note, I hate listening to some of the ESPN announcers. Some of the local fans have turned them off altogether and listen to the local radio station. I might have to try that. I didn’t get into bracket gambling because I don’t want to jinx the Hawks. Last year I almost won the one here at the office but that last shot rimmed off so I ended up with nothing, but also the Hawks went down in the second round. We fans can get superstitious too.  They made the announcemnet that Bill Self and Roy Williams will play in a Charity skins event on May 15th here on our golf course.  It might be a good time to offer Bill some advice.

The next game is scheduled for San Antonio this Friday. I have religious obligations so I can’t be there (like I really could) but I may have to sneak out of church services if it is in the evening. I’m sure the man who knows everything is a KU fan too, in fact, I’m sure of it. If somehow we did lose out earlier than expected, we won’t sit around and cry about it, we will reload and go for the glory again next year, but we want the glory this year.

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