Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday evening thoughts!

It is sickening again to read about another shooting, this time in Arizona.  Geez, I know politicians aren't the most popular people to ever come down the pike, but to gun one down is insane.  And that is the only word that can describe this guy who killed six people and wounded others including a gal named Gabby.  Insane is when a person doesn't know right from wrong.  The guy killed a little girl only nine years old.  Maybe we can understand a bit about some of this horrible incident but not shooting a young girl.  Insane!

The gal named Gabby is a fighter.  The bullet went through her head and she is responding well, almost a miracle.  I hope and pray she comes out of this a healthy and better person.  I don't know if it would be worth it for her to get back into the political game though.  It's bad enough people take pot-shots all the time, and hate each other over politics, but to add bullets to the assault isn't worth it for anybody. 

And it ain't no sense bringing back talk of gun-control because they did that after the Kennedys were shot a long time ago and that debate didn't go anywhere and how many shootings have taken place since?  Even if they did try and control it, people would still buy a gun on the black market, much like booze during the prohibition and dope on a rez corner.  If they want it, they will get it. What is the answer?  Nobody really knows, but people pretend they do and we know they don't.  There is no answer on the political stage.

Maybe it's time for more prayer in everybody's life.  It is easy to laugh at this suggestion for those who don't know prayer or think they will ever need it.  Yet, in everybody's life there are low times, maybe not as bad as what is going on in Arizona and their grief, but prayer will help us and the people suffering so badly now.

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