Thursday, January 13, 2011

Half-Time Report!

The hardest part of this edition of KU basketball is the wait between games.  At this very moment, KU has a not too shabby of a record at 16-0, about mid-way through this season.  Around here its a given that KU will win the Big 12 and most of the time the league tournament, but all that takes second fiddle to the last six games of the season.  They won it all in Mannings last year and 2008 and could be knocking on the door again this year.

Remember the movie "The Rock" with Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery.  Cage said we got to go back and diffuse the bombs, we got to do our best.  Sean Connery, one of the best actors of the ages said, "Losers talk about doing their best, winners go home and make love to the prom queen."  Of course, I edited that last part down a bit to keep this blog under the radar screen of morality.  But that describes KU basketball, we don't want to hear any whining and crying about doing the best they can, we expect a helluva lot more than that.  

There has been some close games in this first half, but KU guts the game out and finds a way to win.  In the last game against Iowa State at Ames, KU played the best of all.  They pounded the ball to the Morris twins underneath and between them, they had 50 points in a 84-79 win.  In the past, KU took some big-time teams into Ames and couldn't win there but this team did.  This is the type of ball that will take KU a long way this year.  The ESPN announcer said the Morris twins are the best big men in the country.  It pains me to see the twins shooting from 3-point range when its a given they can knock down two underneath and a chance to go to the foul line. 

This game approach will off-set the missed 3-pointers Reed and Selby and Morningstar will have, but it is spectacular when they go down.  Speaking of Morningstar, he sure pissed me off when he did that behind the back pass and caused one of KU's big men to travel.  Come on, we have a mission here Morningstar, if you want to showboat go to the Lawrence Country Club and show off for the rich folk there.  Selby, once he finds his groove, will contribute more and more.  I like his smooth shooting, the ability to give up the ball and pass to an open teammate.  He won't be around for long, so enjoy him while you can. This team has the makings of something special.

Now listen closely to those screeching wheels outside our door, the KU bandwagon is going to slow down for a short time and we're going to let a few wildcat fans on board.  Jump on board and enjoy the ride. Times awastin! 

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