Sunday, July 4, 2010

Potawatomi Golfer

Golf sure isn't an easy game which may explain why I don't get out there much.  In fact, I've gone once in three years, but this isn't true for every Potawatomi.  Steve McDonald has  made the time to get on the course and has done well lately. He is on the verge of realizing his life-long dream of playing more on the pro circuit.

He recently qualified as the 1st alternate for the U.S. Senior Open and will likely get to play in this prestigious event.  Getting to this point for Steve has been hard.  He played in many tournaments over the years winning some and losing some but now if he does well in this tournament it could mean big things for him.  These guys at this level by doing well attract the big sponsors.  This means he won't have to struggle getting to tournaments, will have the pick of all the new technology and get more exposure. You never know - if he puts together some great rounds...I hope he does well!

Steve is the golf pro at a local Topeka golf course and comes from a family of athletes.  His dad John played the golf game for years.  His brother Mick was a big guy on the softball fields and now shoots in the 80s in golf.  His son Alex recently made all-city in golf and his daughter Emily was all-city a few years before and it earned a golf scholarship.  The game goes on. 

Steve is a Prairie Band of Potawatomi tribal member and once gave me some sound golf advice.  He asked, after seeing me play golf,  if I would consider working more on my yard and garden, so I took his advice!

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