Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gathering 2010

It is in my immediate plans to attend the 2010 Potawatomi Gathering held this year in Shawnee, Oklahoma and hosted by the Citizens Band Potawatomi next week.  I haven't been there since the mid-1990s.  The heat has held me back from going since.  I've been to the other sites over the years.  It is enjoyable to see people from the other bands, plus I have some first cousins who live in Shawnee.  We rarely see other so we plan on having a cook-out and see who can tell the most lies.  It should be a good time.  My wife and grandson, Pat ko shuk, are going.  He is a guy with a personality and makes friends easy.  My other grandsons have promised to guard my homeplace and keep my weeds down.

There is a full schedule with some discussions about gaming the first two days.  I will try and try throw in an opinion but sometimes that is hard to do when you have a room full of politicians.  They have a golf tournament. The tribe owns their own course and it will be fun to try it out.  I might try and get to their language sessions and listen.  They are talking about "namings, prayer circles, ghost suppers, funerals, weddings, and seasonal feasts."  I know a little about that but I just want to know what others do on their reservations. They have a museum that is well put together and well worth seeing for anybody. Our tribal paper wants me to write an article but I don't know.  What can you add after writing about so many other gatherings.  This blog is the extent of my writings anymore.  Sometimes I add some stuff into my book, plus pictures.  I figure somebody will want to see that some day.


  1. Maybe you could write about what a shame it is that Potawatomi descendants who are enrolled in other tribes are not welcome at this Gathering. Since my husband is enrolled Navajo and his mom is enrolled Kickapoo, we can't camp there or attend any of the sessions... even though we are just as much family as any of the Citizen and Prairie band enrollees.

  2. Kelly, I understand your feelings. I believe it is limited to Potawatomi because of the meal counts and gift items but I haven't heard the official reason. I also saw many non-Potawatomi at these gatherings so maybe it isn't set in stone.