Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Time on Rez

It’s starting to heat up here. I'm talking about the weather, not politics. We went through a bunch of rain and now it’s really humid. I wanted to get out and plant some more corn, but wet ground is preventing that from happening. There was one Sunday where it was perfect to get that in, but I couldn’t find my seed corn. I’ve been cleaning up workshop area and I did such a great job that now I can’t find anything. My garden is doing well though. I have kept up on my mowing and I’m trying to get my plantings in. Every year I plant some new stuff in my yard. Working in my yard is my summer past time.

For some watching baseball is that past time but have you seen the royals record lately? The local paper has little coverage of them since they lose on a regular basis and when it is covered it’s on page 5 of the sports section. I do watch the highlights once in a great while on ESPN, mostly when I haven’t anything else to do. I read in the paper about some kid in California who pitched four no-hitters in a row and that is top-notch.

My grandchildren are on summer vacation and it’s a chore keeping them happy and occupied. When we were growing up, me, Larry and Eddie used to go to the creek south of our house and swim. In fact, that’s where we learned how to swim. Back then there was water in the creeks. A few years back, a friend drown in a pond here, so we won’t allow our kids to swim in the creeks or ponds. If they go, they go to the Boys and Girls Club or to town to swim. There is no debate on this.

We go to my grandson’s baseball games at Dornwood Park in Topeka. They lose regularly like the royals but it’s great to watch them play and learn. My grandson hit a ball into right field for a single and I about jumped out of my chair. As I said before, watching kids develop is priceless. We did all that once and that was great, but I think it’s more rewarding to watch your kids and grandchildren play. Soon we will have our pow-wow and the kids dance there.  I like watching people dance.  I can appreciate people having rhythm because I have none. 

That is the pattern of my reservation life: work, go home and mow or work in my garden and go see my grandchildren play baseball or dance.  Kinda simple, but hey what else is there to do when you get older?

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  1. Thats a lot to do. That probably keeps you really busy.=)