Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everyday exchanges

Today is the last school day for my grandchildren.  I told my 9-year old to be sure and tell his teacher he enjoyed her teaching him this year.  I hope he remembered to do that. It doesn't hurt to say thanks to people once in awhile. 

Which reminds me of a story that I have to tell you. A long time ago I went to a meeting and this guy named Joe de la cruz, a big-shot of the times, went out of his way to shake hands with me. I was impressed that he made some time to talk to me, especially since I’m a nobody, but this did make an impression on me.  Now  I try and do the same thing and talk to other Indian people when I can. Well, anyway I went  to a gaming conference awhile back and there weren't too many Indians at this event.  But I saw this Indian guy surrounded by white people, probably guys working his tribe for something, so I went by and shook his hand and said hello and this guy gave the impression he was bothered by the interruption. I felt kinda stupid and I guess you can't win them all. Some people are filled up to their eyeballs with their temporary tribal power.

  But that shouldn't hold us back from at least attempting to talk to people.  If they hate you, stay away from them is one way of doing it but I think you have to at least attempt to talk to people. It goes to show how some Indians are, there all not like joe de la cruz.

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