Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old Pictures Again

Talking about jogging down memory lane.  One of our tribal members, Sharon Walder, sent me this pictures from high school.  The team on the left is the team that took 3rd in the state in baseball.  We had these old itchy suits and when we went to the state tournament, we looked likethe 1940s St.Louis Browns and these other teams had on more of an up-dated look, to say the lease.  The Indians on the team were Henry Pahmahmie, Eddie Mitchell and that's me on the front row trying to avoid a bad hair-day.  Eddie, who has a better memory than me, said we went 15-1 that year.  The picture below this is a picture of the homecoming one year at Mayetta.  Memory tells me that I was the homecoming King and Eddie was selected the following year. I guess we were popular once, but it was no big deal to me. I try and not regress too much in my old age but I thought I would share this with the readers.

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