Friday, April 23, 2010

Old farmers and waiting rooms!

The other day I had this appointment and I was sitting in this waiting room, reading magazines and drinking their coffee, but I also was listening to these farmers talk. One old farmer was holding court giving his opinions on every subject under the sun and seemed to know his stuff. Some of his oratory:

He said he told Senator Brownback that he couldn’t understand this big bailout of these gigantic corporations. All they do is turn around and give themselves big bonuses, and in his opinion, what should have happened was for the government to give everybody a million dollars apiece. They would then go out and buy cars, televisions, and fix up their houses. Brownback said that was crazy talk, but was it? The guy said spending would stimulate the economy and would benefit everybody, but politicians can’t see beyond their noses. He talked about the economy and how we owe some much to China and he’s right because they are involved heavily in buying up some of our debt. We owe those Chinese folks and the bill will come due someday.

But the old guy also told a funny story. His neighbor put up his house for sale and moved to Missouri. He said he could mow the yard for a fee, but the neighbor said no. Well anyway, the local thieves saw nobody living there and broke into the house and stole all the copper out of the house and broke the water lines. The water flowed over to his yard and he checked It out and the water was coming out of the basement window and had ruined the water heater and furnace, plus he would soon have a heckuva water bill. The old farmer laughed and said “all he had to do was pay me to mow his yard and he wouldn’t be paying for all those repairs.”

They carried on about fertilizer cost, farming in general and how people do crazy things when “they get broke.” The only thing they left out was Indians, maybe because I was sitting there. I had to leave but it was sure an interesting time listening to those old farmers.  Hopefully I won't have to go back to a waiting room anytime soon to hear more cowboy logic.

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