Friday, October 14, 2011

Who has the answer?

It’s awful to read about all the shootings taking place!  The most recent happened in California where this guy killed 8 people at a beauty salon and it seems no place is immune. It’s easy to say that it can’t happen here, but just a few miles south of where we live, a guy killed his wife, two daughters and his mother-in-law.  We can’t say it won’t happen on Indian reservations because less than four years ago, on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, a young boy killed several people and then himself.  It can’t be insanity because these people plan the whole crazy thing, arm themselves with heavy artillery and carry out this hideous offense. It’s a serious pathological disorder emerging.  A disorder that people in our society are using to carry out crimes, but if it isn’t insanity, its damn close.  The victims have no time to react.  The people in California were just getting their hair done, in Kansas they were in the kitchen making a meal and the kids on the Red Lake Reservation were trying to get in a school day, just normal stuff and not expecting it to be their last day on earth.  It’s an indictment on our society.  It’s human nature running rampant with other people’s lives. I don't know what the answer is, do you?

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