Monday, July 18, 2011

Garden Update

A facebook friend asked me to print some pictures of my garden, so I will oblige.  This is a picture of my corn that I took from the road.  In the background is my barn, where I have my workshop and the upper part serves as storage and believe me my daughters have stored their stuff in there for years.  I might have to charge storage fees to supplement old-age funds, but we all know that won't happen. I had a weather vane on top of the barn but the big birds attacked it and destroyed it.  I may replace it in time!

Also in the background is my daughters trailer and my Purple-Martin birdhouses.  My corn did come up spotty but what did come up looks fairly decent in my opinion.  I suppose I could say "in retrospect, I should have been a poet or a farmer."  This is the best corn I've had in years.  We are having a heat spell, but corn does well in this kind of weather.  When the rest of us are crying around for water and air-conditioning, corn goes on and on.  My cucumbers, tomatoes, and tators have done well also.  I have no complaints and I'm satisfied with whatever I get out of my humble garden.  We've lived in our house for 34 years and part of my contract with my wife is that I take care of the yard. In fact, here is a picture  with a view of my yard and garden in the distance. I enjoy planting, growing and seeing if I can improve my yard every year.  When I get abit older, maybe I can watch my grandchildren do all the work I do now and I can sit under a shade tree and tell lies to some innocent visitor!

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