Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pow-Wow thoughts!

Our annual pow-wow is this weekend and the weather is suppose to great until maybe Saturday night when the rains are threatening to drop by, but it’s also an opportunity to have a good time, no matter your political affiliation.  It's a time to watch the dancers do their thing. The food promises to be good, I promise. The stands have a lot to offer.  The grounds are a great sight for new visitors to our reservation. And it will be a good time to see some old friends like the mc -Wallace Coffy of Oklahoma, an old friend and a battle-scarred politician who can tell you a couple of stories.

My girl Joanna (a.k.a. Juana; Dumplins or Dumps) has worked constantly in the evenings and weekends on the crown for the pow-wow princess. I imagine she is happy it is finished, because it was some real time-consuming work. Her work is top-of-the –line. It sure appears to me she has the patience and that would be a requirement in beadwork.  But, don't take my word for it though, look at the picture on the right and judge for yourself!

Beadwork does seem hard to do, at least in my estimation, and it’s good to know it won’t die out. It isn’t easy the way Stephen Strasburg made it look when he struck out 14 batters in his first game with the Washington Nationals last night. The boy was throwin the fastball 100 mph and that is awesome, at least it looked that way on the highlights.

His debut was on another ESPN channel, but I watched the Woman’s College World Series on another station.  I watch the series every year. Those girls are excellent athletes and I watched quite a few games. I do have to apologize to my yard for not mowing during these games, but what do you do? Softball was part of so much of my adult life and it’s hard to give up.

Enough tangents, the pow-wow is almost upon us and it will be worth your time to attend and another bonus - the politicians will be out in force kissin babies and their mommas if given the opportunity.  That too is a must-see!

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