Friday, October 23, 2009


I started a facebook but I thought it was too limiting to what I wanted to write so I will try this blog format. I have my writings everywhere and I wanted to start jotting it down in one place. My family and I live on the Prairie Band of Potawatomi Indian Reservation. We enjoy our life here and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else. I go to work everyday and in the summer months often work in the yard and garden until dark. It's fun for me. My wife and I have our children living close which means our granchildren are with us constantly and we wouldn't have it any other way. In a few years I want to retire but I will probably work until I keel over. That's a kinda-have-to thing these days. We used to go watch basketball during the winter but my granddaughter graduated and played at the junior college level, but she married and we stopped going to games. It was great though. Now that it's getting toward winter I will work on my wood-working projects. I built a bench and a couple of bird-houses and will do more as time allows.

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